Wedding Services Pricing

Bridal Consultation
Meetings designed to cover and give advice regarding all of the things the couple needs to do and when to do them prior to the wedding.  Perfect for couples who plan to carry out their own wedding but want expertise regarding formality, styling, and proper etiquette.  Consultation begins with six one hour contracted sessions, followed by the desired amount of sessions needed for the couple to further clarify their wedding plans. 

The initial six sessions will cover the following areas: 
  • Getting to know the bride and groom, their style, and their "ideal" wedding vision
  • Creative development of the wedding theme, colors, and styling
  • Development of a budget
  • Creation of timelines and itinerary
  • Discussion of  wedding etiquette and any problems that may arise
  • Basic recommendations for wedding vendors and sites
Consultation begins with a contract for 6 sessions for $125 and $25 an hour thereafter.  Facilitated in person or via phone.

Wedding Vendor Coordination
Assistance in choosing and coordinating all vendors related to the rehearsal, wedding, and reception up to the wedding day.  A good choice for the couple with many elements of the wedding planned and whom do not need a wedding day director, but want recommendations on quality vendors and someone to coordinate vendor services. 

Here are some of the items this service includes:   
  • Assistance in choosing quality wedding vendors and sites
  • Negotiating vendor pricing, exploring alternatives, and adhering to the presented budget
  • Assistance in choosing favors, stationery, and printed materials
  • Scheduling all vendor appointments and being present to support the couple in their choices
  • Reviewing rehearsal dinner locations and planning
  • Frequent communication with the couple and vendors, confirming all arrangements
Coordination service is provided for a flat fee of $750, includes multiple visits to vendors and wedding sites.

Wedding Day Direction
Assistance in carrying out the wishes of the couple on rehearsal night, the wedding day, and during the reception.  This is a must for venues where the wedding site coordinator is absent and/or unwilling to handle ALL emergencies that may arise on the wedding day.   The director is equipped with an emergency kit with things like thread, music CD's, make-up, mints, stain remover, and spare boutonniere materials.  This package is the perfect option for the organized couple whom have made all the plans leading up to the big day, but want a capable director to handle all the details.  
The goal is to make each event go as smoothly as possible by:
  • Facilitating the wedding rehearsal and cueing wedding day events
  • Handling any emergencies and/or last minute replacement vendors
  • Arriving hours early to each site to assist in preparations and decoration
  • Acting as the site contact person whom vendors approach with any questions or concerns
  • Lending a hand wherever it is needed
  • Handling any final payments with vendors
  • Assistance in site clean-up and wedding day transportation services for guests and bridal party
Direction service is provided for a flat fee of $600, includes travel to weddings sites for rehearsal and wedding day.

Full Wedding Planning Package
For a flat fee, we will provide a full planning package including all of the services mentioned above.  This option provides seamless services as the bridal consultant is involved from start to finish and is aware of all the details first hand. 

This package includes these additional services, if needed:
  • Assistance with assembly of favors
  • Assembling and mailing invitations
  • Maintaining the guest list, tracking responses and meal choices
  • Honeymoon planning and assistance with reservations
Full Planning Package is provided for a flat fee of $1400, which includes weekly phone and e-mail contact with the couple, all consultation appointments needed, and all visits needed to meet vendors involved with the wedding. 

Additional fees
All pricing is subject to NYS Sales Tax of 8%
An additional $150 service charge will be added to any Wedding Day Direction or Full Wedding Planning Package wedding with a final guest count over 100.  This fee is allocated to hire an assistant for the wedding day director.